Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) assist drivers with warnings or automatic braking to help avoid or mitigate accidents.

ADAS systems that are currently being delivered to the market in Australia include:

  • blind spot monitoring,
  • adaptive cruise control,
  • following distance warning,
  • lane keep assist,
  • lane departure warning,
  • self-parking,
  • adaptive headlights,
  • fatigue warning, and
  • traffic-jam assist.

Many of these technologies are calibrated for the motor vehicle’s initial market. FCAI member brands advise that safety systems such as Smart City Brake Support or High Beam Control are uniquely tuned for Australia. For example, the High Beam Control on Australian specified motor vehicles are tuned to ensure the Australian unique red roadside reflectors will not turn off automatic high beam.


 ADAS Systems


(Image from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and Highway Loss Data Institute, Vehicle Safety: Where It’s Been and Where It’s Heading.)