Vision Statement:

A future where mobility, communications and energy technologies integrate to enhance Australian living standards.

Mission Statement:

To drive a collaborative environment where innovative technologies improve Australian lives through mobility.

About Us:

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) is the peak representative organization for companies who distribute new passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles and motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles in Australia.

With 68 brands offering 380 models, sold and serviced by almost 4000 dealers, Australia’s automotive sector is a large employer and contributor to our economy, lifestyle and communities big and small.

Local vehicle production ceased in 2017 and all vehicles sold in Australia are now imported.

However some brands retain design and engineering facilities in Victoria which support global new model development. As well, thanks to world’s best local expertise, Australia remains a source of components (including aluminium castings and alloy wheels) which are sold to manufacturers in Japan and North America.

The reach of the automotive sector is significant: vehicle importation, distribution, retailing, servicing, logistics/transport and engineering. Support comes from hundreds of supplier companies, employing thousands of Australians.

New vehicle distributors and Australian new car dealers employ more than 75,000 employees, including many trained at TAFE and other colleges to provide vital service and repair functions. Further, automotive brands themselves are major providers of subsequent specialist training for these technicians, some of whom will diversify into other industries, bringing with them skills honed by the vehicle industry.

The Members’ Page has a full list of our member companies.