Voluntary Code of Conduct for Automotive Data and Privacy Protection

This Code of Conduct will commence operation on 1st July 2021

As Australia’s new motor vehicles advance, a range of new technologies are being introduced that will bring significant benefits to consumers and the community more broadly.  Some of these technologies, particularly in connected and autonomous vehicles, have the capacity to collect, receive, create, and store vehicle generated data and personal information.  FCAI members understand that the protection and use of this data is a significant responsibility that requires robust systems, policies, and controls.  

The FCAI members have voluntarily agreed that the principles below will drive their approach to treatment of vehicle generated data and associated personal information.  These principles are consistent with the Australian Privacy Principles and other Australian laws that apply to the collection and use of vehicle data and personal information.

In addition to these principles, each FCAI member has its own policies, procedures and systems that are tailored to the way they collect and use personal information and vehicle generated data.

The full Code of Conduct for Automotive Data and Privacy Protection can de downloaded below.