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FCAI condemns New South Wales Government plan to consider road user charging on electric vehicles

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) has condemned the New South Wales Government’s plan to consider road user charging on electric vehicles.

The statement by the New South Wales Government comes just days after the South Australian Government announced the introduction of a similar road user charging plan for electric vehicles.

Tony Weber, chief executive of the FCAI, said the latest announcement from New South Wales showed just how far behind some Australian states are when it came to encouraging environmentally friendly initiatives.

“The announcement by the New South Wales Treasurer shows just how out of step parts of Australia are when it comes to climate change,” Mr Weber said.

“All around the world, global automotive companies have invested billions of dollars to develop environmentally friendly vehicles.

“And all around the world, progressive governments have supported the introduction of these vehicles.

“But here in Australia, we inhibit their introduction by levying extra charges on them.  It simply beggars belief at this early stage of electric vehicle introduction,” Mr Weber said.

The automotive industry notes that excise and the treatment of motorists and their vehicles is a long-term issue.  The industry recognises that road user charging is a complex topic that needs to be discussed in a holistic manner and on a national basis.

“A sophisticated discussion is required to determine how we encourage the uptake of all low and zero emission vehicles.  These vehicles offer economy wide benefits, including improved health outcomes, and will make a major contribution to improving our environmental scorecard for the benefit of future generations,” Mr Weber said.