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Federal Government Fuel Standards Improvements a Positive Step for Motorists

Australian motorists and the environment will be beneficiaries of the Federal Government’s plans to support the operations of fuel refineries in Geelong and Brisbane, including improvements in fuel quality standards according to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries.

The FCAI has engaged with Government during many years regarding the actions necessary to improve the poor quality of Australian fuel standards, which rank among the worst in the world.

“The poor fuel standards in Australia relative to regions such as Europe and Asia have meant that some car companies have been unable to introduce some of the world’s best fuel efficient and environmentally friendly technologies to the Australian market,” FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said.

“We now have an excellent opportunity to align Australian fuel quality with the rest of the world, encourage the delivery of the latest engine technology and take further steps on the road to reducing CO2 emissions.”

Mr Weber cautioned that while this was a significant and positive step, the development of fuel standards was complex, and it required a cooperative approach with industry to ensure the best outcomes for Australia.

“We will continue to work with the Federal Government to deal with RON, aromatics and other parameters to remove the technical barriers that will allow us to ultimately align with the highest fuel quality standards in the world and bring the best engine technology to Australia,” he said.