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FCAI celebrates World EV day

Australia’s Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries is joining with partners across the globe in celebrating World EV Day today.

FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said the occasion had relevance for Australian consumers, business and Government.

“In 2021 World EV day is taking place during a time of increased focus on electric vehicles. More brands are committing to zero emission and low emission drive trains, increasing the numbers of these vehicles available to the Australian motorist.”

Mr Weber outlined the importance for Governments to match the rise in electric vehicles with proactive and future focused policies.

“With an increasing number of EVs becoming available every day, more of these vehicles will become familiar on Australian roads. The only question is when, not if.

“It is vital that Governments across the country work towards nationally consistent policies. This will allow manufacturers to bring the best technologies to market and provide greater choice to the Australian consumer.

“We are already seeing Governments engage with manufacturers in developing EV policies. As an industry we look forward to this consultation increasing.

“This is the only way to guarantee the best technologies flow to the Australian motorist.”