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Christmas Car Check Encouraged

Summer 2021 has the potential to see multiple hazards converge to create risk on Australian roads. A do-it-yourself pre-departure checklist has been issued by automotive industry initiative Genuine is Best, as Australia prepares for holidays this summer.

With COVID uncertainty limiting international holidays, the combination of cars sitting unused for months during lockdowns heading out to negotiate busier road networks amid the volatile La Niña weather system, will create hazardous conditions.

This will require vehicle owners to take particular care before setting out on their summer trip. Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) initiative Genuine is Best has prepared a simple, quick checklist to ensure drivers arrive safely.

The ’12 Checks of Christmas’ checklist is available at the Genuine is Best website

FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said the risk factors created a perfect storm for dangerous road conditions.

“COVID has seen more of us driving to our domestic holiday destinations. This could be the heaviest summer on our roads in our history,” said Mr Weber.

“The heat of Australian summer and the rapid weather changes of La Niña will put pressure on cars that may not have had their normal maintenance due to lockdowns. Throw the stress of the silly season, heavily laden vehicles, and drivers out of their comfort zones into the mix. It’s a perfect storm.”

“This check has been prepared so it can be done without any mechanical knowledge. It’s quick, easy and it might save you spending precious annual leave on the side of the road, or worse.”