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FCAI releases brand CO2 emissions data

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries has released CO2 emission data for each automotive brand as part of its industry led voluntary CO2 Emissions Standard.

The methodology which underpins the standard and 2021 results for each automotive manufacturer can be found at the link below. The FCAI released the combined industry result on 29 March 2022.

Download the full report.

FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said these results are testimony to the commitment automotive manufacturers have to lower emissions in Australia’s transport sector.

“Globally automotive manufacturers continue to spend billions of dollars on reducing the environmental impact of their vehicles. In the absence of a federally led emissions reduction target, FCAI members have signed up to this Standard to support the introduction of the cleanest technologies to Australia’s roads.”

He added that these results were milestones for each brand as the industry moved towards its 2030 target of under 100g CO2/km for passenger cars and light SUVs, and under 145g CO2/km for heavy SUVs and light commercial vehicles.

“We know pathways to our 2030 target will vary among manufacturers and is heavily impacted by model cycles. Individual brands may not achieve improvements each year and may not meet the annual industry target.

“Today’s results are important, but what really matters is our end result in 2030. Regardless of individual outcomes, all brands should be commended for voluntarily signing up to this Standard. It is a commitment to achieve better outcomes for Australian motorists, car makers and our environment.”

The FCAI released consolidated industry data on the Voluntary Standard on 29 March. That result was measured against two targets – MA Category (Passenger Cars and Light SUVs) and MC+NA Category (Heavy SUVs and Light Commercial Vehicles) based on annual new vehicle sales.

The MA outcome for 2021 was 146.5 gCO2/km (grams of CO2 for every kilometer travelled) and the MC+NA outcome for 2021 was 212.5 gCO2/km. The results were against a target of 150 gCO2/km for MA and 193 gCO2/km for MC+NA.