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FCAI seeks Government mandated vehicle emissions target

The peak body for Australia’s automotive industry has congratulated the Albanese Government for increasing Australia’s emission reduction targets to 43 per cent.

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries is now calling on the Albanese Government to take another step and develop a specific automotive emissions reduction target.

FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said Australia’s light vehicle sector, which accounts for around 10 per cent of economy wide emissions, needed a CO2 policy that is in line with global standards and takes into account the nuances of the Australian consumer’s needs.

“We know that automotive manufacturers around the world respond to strong policy signals when allocating their limited supply of zero and low emission technologies. A technology neutral emissions reduction target for vehicles is the signal Australia needs to send,” Mr Weber said.

In response to the lack of a federally mandated target, Australia’s automotive industry established its own voluntary CO2 reduction scheme in 2020.

“Our members recognise the need to combat climate change. In the absence of federal leadership in 2020 we established our own voluntary scheme that sends a message to manufacturers’ head offices that Australian motorists want the best low emission technologies.

“Now is the time for the new Albanese Government to work with our members to mandate this scheme in order to get these new low emission technologies to Australia,” Mr Weber said.

“Any reduction target must be broad based and focused on reducing CO2 not picking certain technologies over others. Our zero emissions future is ultimately full electrification. Our short and medium term journey will require a mix of hybrid, plug in hybrid, battery electric, hydrogen and efficient internal combustion to meet the varying needs of Australian motorists.

“Our message to Government is simple. You give us the target, and we will give you the technology to get there.”