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FCAI Endorses Government Approach to Emissions Reduction

The FCAI fully supports today’s announcement by Federal Ministers the Hon Chris Bowen and the Hon Catherine King on the Government’s intention to build a detailed strategy to reduce vehicle emissions and increase zero and low emission vehicle options to Australians.

“This is the kind of courageous intent we have been seeking from our Federal Government and it is a major step on our journey to delivering low emission vehicles to Australian customers,” according to FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber.

“We have publicly advocated for a Government mandated CO2 target for many years. This is a good day.”

The direction is consistent with an approach outlined by the FCAI on 24 July 2020 when it stated: ‘The FCAI strongly supports a comprehensive approach to addressing motor vehicle emissions that includes fuel quality standards, the introduction of Euro 6 and the introduction of a challenging but realistic, achievable and market relevant CO2 standard’.

“The nationally led cooperative approach, supported by State and Territory Governments and relevant stakeholders, will help to build a comprehensive strategy that includes the complexities of vehicles, infrastructure, taxation, and incentives that are critical to achieving our climate change ambitions.

“It also is critical to ensure all Australians are included, rather than excluded because of where they live and what they can afford, and ensure ambition is matched with reality.

“We support Minister King’s comment that: ‘We’re committed to ensuring an Australian vehicle market provides consumers with easier access to affordable and popular cars, including EVs that are better for the back pocket and the environment’.”