CO2 Standard: Rules for Calculating Brand Targets and Assessing Brand Compliance

This document provides the rules for calculating the Brand Targets and Assessing Brand Compliance against the agreed FCAI CO2 Standard.

The CO2 brand targets and assessment of performance is calculated on a sales-weighted average mass per unit basis. That is, each brand’s CO2 targets (i.e. the MA Category target and the NA+MC Category target) and brand performance in each of these vehicle category groups result in ‘x’ gCO2/km per unit sold as recorded in VFACTS.

NOTE: As secretariat, FCAI will assist brands to understand their specific brand targets.

FCAI will calculate each brands’ individual targets (i.e. one for MA Category vehicles and another for NA+MC Category vehicles) for each calendar year as outlined in Figure 1.1 (following) and determine their compliance or otherwise with those targets. FCAI will also calculate the industry’s overall achievement in terms of CO2 emission.