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Australia’s new vehicle market

For the full calendar year 2020 a total of 916,968 vehicles were sold, down 13.7 per cent on calendar year 2019 when 1,062,867 vehicles were sold.  The decline of 13.7 per cent was not unexpected and is attributed to the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

SUVs claimed 49.6 per cent of the market during 2020, an increase from 45.5 per cent market share in 2019.  A total of 454,701 SUVs were sold during the year, down 5.9 per cent on full year 2019. 

Light Commercial Vehicles continued to enjoy strong popularity in 2020, claiming 22.4 per cent market share.  A total of 205,597 vehicles sold, down 8.9 per cent on full year 2019.

Passenger vehicle numbers totalled 222,103 vehicles, for 24.2 per cent of the market in 2020.  Total Passenger vehicles sold were down 29.7 per cent on full year 2019.

The highest selling brand for the year was Toyota, with an impressive 204,801 vehicles sold for 22.3 per cent market share.  In second place was Mazda (85,640 sales for 9.3 per cent market share), Hyundai (64,807 sales for 7.1 per cent market share), Ford (59,601 sales for 6.5 per cent market share), and Mitsubishi (58,335 sales for 6.4 per cent market share).

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Latest sales figures

For the latest sales figures, see the media release section.

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More detailed information

If you would like more detailed information about vehicle sales including breakdowns by model, state, fuel-type or buyer type please see the order and enquiry forms on the need more detailed information page.  

Australia’s new motorcycle and ATV/SSV market (2020)

Australia’s Motorcycle Market (which includes the ATV/SSV market) sold 108,926 units in calendar year 2020. An increase of 19,727 vehicles and 22.1 per cent on full year 2019 when 89,199 sales were recorded.

OHVs demonstrated significant sales growth during the year, with 24,856 vehicles sold.  This represents a strong increase of 6,950 vehicles, or 38.8 per cent, over the same period in 2019 when 17,906 vehicles were sold.

Off-Road motorcycles also recorded strong growth, with 44,697 vehicles sold during the year – a 30.3 per cent increase on the 2019 calendar year when a total of 34,298 units were sold.

Similarly, road bikes exhibited an increase in sales, with 34,912 units sold during 2020.  This represents an increase of 9.2 per cent, or 2,931 units, on calendar year 2019 when 31,981 units were sold.

Scooters were the only segment of the 2020 motorcycle and OHV full year sales to record a decrease.  A total of 4,461 units were sold, 553 fewer, or 11 per cent less, than the 5,014 sales recorded in 2019.

Latest sales figures

For the latest sales results, you can find the 2020 calendar year updated quarterly here.